the molehunter time line

1996 - founded by mole
1998 - some song concepts come to life as side project to
atropos, where mole and marco met as guitarists
1999 - thrash metal doesn't work,
atropos splits, mole joins inspection 99 (prog rock)
2002 - recording sessions with asik, marco joins,
inspection 99 turns into crimson shift, marco joins
2004 -
crimson shift is history, molehunter becomes more important
2005 - sold memories, the first cycle is done
2006 - mole joins amon ra
2007 - marco goes over
R.A.W. to shotgun justice, asik joins king's call
2009 - songwriting and first recordings for molehunter's second song cycle
2010 - recordings finished, endmix of mother earth completed
2011 - "ocean" video shoot
2012 - new song ideas: recordings scheduled
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